About Us

Founded in late 2010 by a group of highly experienced professionals with broad ranging expertise in private equity, real estate, investment banking, leveraged finance, Shariah Compliant transactions, restructuring, M&A, operations and many other disciplines. Merchant-Edge is based in the MENA-GCC region with offices in Jeddah, Beirut, Dubai, Baghdad, Basra and Kuala Lumpur (2012). Merchant Edge seeks and secures key business partnerships and alliances with International professional organizations in order to further support our specializations in specific sectors. Through the use of our proprietary business partnerships we also maintain a presence in London, Washington, Atlanta, Paris and Singapore.

Our vision has been to create a firm that put client’s needs first, that was independent and conflict free, adhered to the highest ethical standards and sought to create long term value for all our stakeholders.

Adhering to traditional merchant principles, Merchant Edge leverages its principals’ experience and market presence to identify unique opportunities, originate transactions and provide a suite of execution services. By aligning our interests with those of our clients, Merchant Edge has become a trusted partner for investors, corporations and governments worldwide. Advisory Clients recognize that we bring a deep understanding of their strategic objectives and a commitment to provide effective solutions to all assignments.